Première fournée de weston

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Light Rye

Première Fournée Light Rye bread has all the flavour you’d expect, but with a more subtle taste than regular rye bread. This bread is also less dense, which makes it even more enjoyable to eat. An excellent source of fibre and essential nutrients, light rye brings variety to your menu and goes well with many different meals and foods.


Enriched wheat flour, water, rye flour, yeast, sour starter (wheat flour, cultured wheat flour, yeast, lactic acid), salt, cultured wheat starch, wheat gluten, soy lecithin (stabilizer), topping: enriched wheat flour, rye flour, rice flour.May contain: sesame seeds, milk, egg.

Perfect for:

  • Smoked meat, tuna or sardine sandwiches
  • Canapés with sweet or garlic-flavoured toppings
  • An accompaniment to strong or sharp cheeses (Blue Cheese, Smoked Gouda), delicatessen meats, seafood or fish
  • Making rusks or croutons