Première fournée de weston

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Stonemilled Wheat

Première Fournée Stonemilled Wheat bread has a dark brown crust and the rich, satisfying flavour of a traditional brown bread. The stone milling process preserves the wheat kernel, the most nutrient-rich part of the grain, which makes this bread a delicious and healthy choice.


Water, enriched wheat flour, stonemilled whole wheat flour, honey, cultured wheat starch, salt, yeast, sour starter (wheat flour, cultured wheat flour, yeast, lactic acid), wheat gluten, soy lecithin (stabilizer), topping: wheat bran, rice flour.May contain: sesame seeds, milk, egg.

Perfect for:

  • Morning toast or bread with spreads
  • Sandwiches
  • Hot spreads
  • An accompaniment to soups and vegetables
  • An alternative to white bread, any time
  • Great taste and high fibre